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Live music creates ambiance. Guitar music is romantic, classic, stylish, and complements any event-- dinners, cocktail hours, corporate events, art openings, weddings, or receptions. Instrumental guitar music and finger-style playing fills space with beautiful ambient sound that allows conversation to happen without the potential distraction of vocals.

The intimate sound of the solo guitar provides an elegant atmosphere unequaled by other live music experiences. Rates Starts at $225.00

Photo taken at Treman Park by wedding photographer Allison Usavage

Services Offered

Your event is unique can be tailored to your needs.

Solo Guitar for wedding Ceremony ($300.00)

20-30 minutes prelude music (as guests are entering)
Special music for: bridal party processional, bride entrance, other ceremony music, recessional and postlude as guests leave the wedding site
Postlude music for 10 minutes
Bose P.A. system or Battery Powered P.A. system to amplify David's guitar and officiant.
Special Musical Arrangements of Processional, Recessional and other ceremony music. (no extra charge.)

Wireless Microphone for Officiant. or Wireless and/or wired microphone on Stand ($50)
1 hour of Cocktail hour Music (add $75)

Wireless Lavalier Microphone System  ($75 when added to another service)

Wind and other ambiant sounds other ambiant sounds combined with endless outdoor space can make it difficult for guests to hear.

Amplify the officiant, bride and groom with a lavalier Microphone through the same P.A. system David is Using.
Additional microphone on a stand can amplifiy anyone who is reading.
Amplification is recomended for weddings over 50 people.

Live Guitar Music $225.00 for the first two hours then $25 each additional 1/4 hour.

David plays instrumental fingerstyle arrangements of popular, jazz standards and light classical.
Bose P.A. system or Battery Powered P.A. system to amplify David's guitar.

Be your own DJ and/or Amplification Rental from 150
Plug in your ipod, computer or other device into one of the systems mentioned on this page and play your own playlist.
Amplification for speeches.
Delivery, set up and pick up included. You won't have to lift a finger.
No frills Sound man/DJ/Emcee is also available to help make events go smoothly and to monitor equipment.

Additional Expenses

Travel Fee - For events over a 30-minute drive from Ithaca, NY, David charges a modest mileage fee.

Moving Fee. When necessary to move from one location to another. If ceremony is in different location from Reception.

In-person Meeting Fee $40.00/hr.



Amplification can be provided for your next event. In addition to live guitar music or as a stand alone service, there are 3 systems available for rental:

Bose L1 Speaker system: for larger events of 200 to 300. For higher volume needs. The state-of-the-art Bose Cylindrical Radiator Speaker which produces an exceptionally natural sound that radiates evenly throughout an audience of up to several hundred. Even at low volume levels, the sound reaches every corner of the room equally.

While live music creates a special ambiance that turns a typical evening out with friends and family into an event, it should not overwhelm casual conversation. The Bose system allows your guests the opportunity to converse naturally (even if they are directly next to the speaker) or pay close attention to the music if they choose. Physically unobtrusive, the sound system may not even be noticed.

Bose L1 Compact P.A. Small indoor events of 100 or so people. Great for a presentation, ceremony or reading.

Battery Powered Carvin P.A. For outdoor events where electricity is not available.

Sennheiser Lavalier Microphone Wireless and battery powered.

Shure SM 57 Microphone.

Photo taken at Guy Nearing Summer House by wedding photographer Allison Usavage